The Importance Of Staging The Scene For Professional Photography

Perhaps you’re planning a new website or have made some changes in décor or even redone some bathrooms. Perhaps your photos are just not doing your inn justice; you hear the familiar “Your rooms are so much nicer in person than they are on your website!”. In any case, you’ve made the decision to move forward and it is time to hire a photographer.

Photos are generally your first and best chance to highlight your amazing property. To maximize on that exposure, it is important to have your interiors optimally staged, styled and professionally photographed so that your images highlight your interior’s best features and unique attributes. Choosing the right photographer and working with them to plan the shoot is vital to setting the scene successfully.

One criteria in choosing a photographer is their experience and guidance when it comes to assisting you in preparing your space. It is easy to clutter the scene with things needed for guest check in, generally these things are not needed when being photographed. That TV remote, bottle of water and pile of rack cards probably will not be too attractive or become the money shot for that suite. Here are a few things that your photographer should communicate in advance.

  • An initial consultation and assessment to determine a creative vision and strategy for the staging and styling of your property.
  • A list of possible props to have ready in advance of the shoot.
  • Model/actors available, and when to use them.
  • An outline of shoots needed. Interiors, exteriors, food, lifestyle?
  • Staging for the hospitality industry is unique in the sense that the result needs to sell indefinitely, creating a constant expectation for hundreds if not thousands of potential guests where, as they say, real estate photography needs to work once and the picture is never needed again. Although the rules of composition, balance, exposure and lighting are universal in this industry, if the photo shows a seven-foot porcelain elephant and roaring fireplace and a guest checks in and there is not a seven foot porcelain elephant or roaring fireplace, you’re going to hear about it. Success in setting the scene is gained only with experience. Editing existing furnishings, knowing when to slide a chair in or out of the shot and working with what you have combined with adding props and actors are just some of the many aspects to a successful project.

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