Creating The Scene – Using live models during a video shoot

There’s no doubt that video, as an online travel planning resource, is increasing.

No longer will stunning still shots convert the Millennials, Gen-Xers and their parents alike. Video has taken hold and professional videography rules the day. With technology and mobile devices allowing travelers access to your product when and where they want it, you need to make available to them a good illustration of what your product is. Yes, stunning accommodations, mouth-watering food and breathtaking grounds all show very well in a digital format and placed throughout your online presence via photos and videos, but is that enough? Does that tell the whole story? NO, if that were the case then TV commercials would be a lifeless, impersonal and ineffective waste of 30 seconds. Long have marketers known that staging video with live action will create an environment that the viewer can picture themselves in the place of the model/actor.

So when you plan your next video shoot for your property, plan on calling in some favors.

Here are a few tips to help make your next video project come alive to potential viewers.

  • Ask your videographer: Most videographers have a list of actors they can bring in to assist in filling the scene. There most likely will be an additional cost to this, but the possible ROI with using professional resources should be worth the investment.
  • Call in some favors: No doubt as an Innkeeper you are asked for favors, maybe you have family and friends that you have let experience your property, time to call in a favor of your own.
  • Business networking: Maybe you belong to a business or professional group that you can resource or exchange services.
  • Focus on the key demographics of the potential viewers: Your guests very well be women 48-65, though we do want a final product that will solely reflect and appeal to that demo, be sure you know who will ultimately watch the end product and what demographics will be more likely to drive the future of your property. The popularity of Inns and Bed and Breakfasts has been working its way down the age demographics and nothing will tell that professional 30 something couple that this is not grandmas place more than a video of their peers enjoying your fantastic property.
  • Plan, storyboard and plan some more: Work with your videographer or whoever is hired to produce the project. This is probably the most critical step, knowing who, when and where you have actors and for what scenes is vital. The continuity your project will gain by planning is worth the time and effort.

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