Just ’cause you’ve got a camera…

Everyone has a digital camera now. So, technically, everyone can take their own photos of their Inn, right? Should you take your own photos? Unless you are a professional interior photographer, no, you shouldn’t. Investing in professional Inn photography is one of the best business decisions Innkeepers can make for two major reasons. The first is simply that you will end up with gorgeous images that show your Inn in its true light. The photos will capture the character and unique personality of your Inn in all of its wonderful detail. Innkeepers often say that when guests arrive they comment that the Inn is so much nicer than they expected. Or that the food is so much better than they expected based on the photos. Well, that’s not what you want! How many potential guests did you lose because the photos did not represent your Inn well or show how fantastic your breakfast or restaurant is? As Innkeepers, you have put your hearts and souls into creating a destination that is beautiful, unique, and charming.

Guests need to see that immediately on your web site. Interior photography, as well as food photography, is inherently tricky, and specialized Inn photographers have spent years developing an eye, as well as a technique that works for Inns and B&B’s. Because of the lighting challenges, the equipment required for a photo shoot is extensive, and unique to interior photography as well.

The second, less obvious reason to hire a professional Inn photographer is that in addition to having fabulous images for potential guests to look at, you are sending the message that you take your business very seriously. If a visitor to your web site sees and understands that you have invested in a beautiful, professional website with professional images (and there is no mistaking amateur and professional photos!), they will then make the assumption that you put the same time and effort into your Inn and the guest experience.

There is one more reason to hire a professional photographer to shoot your Inn: it’s fun! The process takes effort and lots of planning, but the shoots are exciting and busy. It’s interesting to see your Inn through someone else’s eyes and you may end up with some great insight and fresh ideas.

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