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Creating The Scene – Using live models during a video shoot

There’s no doubt that video, as an online travel planning resource, is increasing. No longer will stunning still shots convert the Millennials, Gen-Xers and their parents alike. Video has taken hold and professional videography rules the day. With technology and mobile devices allowing travelers access to your product when and where they want it, you […]

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Just ’cause you’ve got a camera…

Everyone has a digital camera now. So, technically, everyone can take their own photos of their Inn, right? Should you take your own photos? Unless you are a professional interior photographer, no, you shouldn’t. Investing in professional Inn photography is one of the best business decisions Innkeepers can make for two major reasons. The first […]

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Websites – First Impressions & Comprehensive Objectives

Favorable, unfavorable? Positive, negative? Benchmarking, impressions, bounce rates, and conversions. This list can go on and on and are all examples of feelings, actions and reactions that a viewer of a website can have in the matter of seconds. What message does your website give and what actions are you taking to maximize its effectiveness? […]

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