InnFilms Videography and Photography

InnConcierge’s InnFilms Affiliate, Robert Manella specializes in presenting your hospitality experience through videography and photography.  You keep hearing the importance of having YouTube video shorts strategically placed on your website to present food specialties, guest experiences, location and area activities.  Robert has several packages to choose from and will tailor his services to your needs.

Consider building a library of video shorts that you can change out easily for the seasons for special events to always give you a fresh look.  Are you thinking of selling your Inn?  Robert can create a video presentation for your broker or consultant to use to help market the property for sale. This is a powerful sales tool.

Robert’s photography in addition to his videography is meant to express an experience and will give your web site presence a quality and inviting look.

Creating the Scene – Using live models during a video shoot

Photos are generally your first and best chance to highlight your amazing property. To maximize on that exposure, it is important to have your interiors optimally stages, styled and professionally photographed so that your images highlight your interior’s best features and unique attributes. Choosing the right photographer and working with them to plan out the shoot is vital to setting the scene successfully.

The Importance of Staging the Scene for Professional Photography

Just ‘cause you’ve got a camera