What makes Jim Miller special in a sea of consultants is his passion for, knowledge of, and longevity in the hospitality business and his confidence in his relationship with you, the client, that together you will achieve great results. He can help you see where you are challenged and direct you in the most positive, supportive way. He stays unbelievably focused even when you have trouble. There is no cookie cutter approach to your property. He helps you combine the best personal approach with the best hospitality standards. Together, you develop very specific strategies with each step mapped out so you stay on course. His follow-through is great. There is no waiting around for an answer or a resource. He will get back to you quickly and he will let you know ahead of time when he isn’t available. You never have to wonder if he is indeed working on your behalf!

My first contact with Jim was in 2010 during the evaluation for Diamond Collection for BedandBreakfast.com, when he graciously complimented the Inn Above Onion Creek on our strengths and kindly made very specific suggestions for improvement. His straight forward approach made it easier for me to make some simple changes that had an immediate positive effect on the guest experience.

The next year, I volunteered for the Small Meetings committee for Select Registry, with over 300 members, where our lofty goal was to promote and develop small meeting business that would increase our mid-week occupancy. Jim was the consultant hired to help us produce a web presence, standards, lead generation, etc.; essentially teach everyone how to be a Hotel Director of Sales! Jim’s guidance of the committee over several months with straight forward goals, realistic timelines, collaborative efforts, and tremendous resources was invaluable to me. When you are the innkeeper, reminding yourself to be the Director of Sales first, gets your sales where you want them to be. Mid-week occupancy increased dramatically and so did the revenue!

So, if you are really ready to take action and make changes to improve your sales and operation, Jim Miller can be your best partner. Get ready for success!

Amy Dolan, Innkeeper Emeritus